Writers, if you want to take your readers on the journey of a lifetime, learn...

How to Write a Killer Character Arc


You've probably heard that there are no new stories...

...that we're all writing the same 36 plots.

Or 7 plots.

Or the 1 master plot that underlies all plots.

But you've also read stories that felt fresh and new and exciting to you.

Stories that touched your heart. Maybe even changed your life.

What did those stories have that set them apart?

9 times out of 10, the element that makes a story special is a strong character arc.

Your character's emotional journey IS the reader's emotional journey.

You can take readers anywhere with the right character arc.

Make them laugh.

Make them cry.

Make them love.

But a powerful character arc is tricky to write.

Some people can do it intuitively. Those lucky ducks.

The rest of us have to learn to do it.

But there are a lot of different ways to get character arc wrong.

For example...

The feedback I got on my first novel:  "Your character is an idiot. She doesn't learn anything in four hundred pages."

"But..." I said. "She says on page 391 that she learned to have faith in herself!"

"Don't believe it," my critiquers replied. "You never showed her struggling before that."

They were right--I hadn't shown my heroine growing. At all.

The feedback I got on my second novel:  "Why is your character always moaning about her family all the time?"

Uh-oh. "It's her character arc?"

"But it has nothing to do with the rest of her story," my critiquers pointed out.

Even though my character experience lots of internal conflict...

...I'd chosen a character arc for her that didn't fit into the larger story.

The feedback I got on my third novel:  "This feels like two stories smooshed together. They're both good, but they don't belong in the same book."

Three novels, and I still hadn't figured it out.

This time, I'd failed to tie the character's growth arc to the other storylines.

It wasn't until my fourth novel--that I finally got it right.

"We cried at the end," my critiquers said. "This is a beautiful story."

I had to write four novels (which took me five years!) before I finally wrote a story with a strong character arc.

And I wasn't sure I'd be able to do it again.

It took me even longer to figure out a process for getting it right consistently.

 You can repeat my mistakes, if you've got time to waste.

But wouldn't you rather skip ahead to the easy part, and learn a simple, step-by-step method that shows you how to craft a strong character arc every time?

I'm going to teach you this powerful step-by-step process for mapping out a believable character arc in... 

How to Build Powerful Character Arcs


No doubt you've seen the neat little diagrams showing character arc as a simple curve rising toward a peak.

I studied those too, when I was a new writer.

But somehow I could never use that diagram to write a story that connected my readers with my characters.

You need more. 

You need a clear roadmap that shows you exactly how your character will change at each stage of your story. 

You need to know how to show your character's inner turmoil spilling out into their outer world.

You need to understand how the structure of your character's emotional reactions can create instant sympathy in your readers.


In this training, you'll learn...

  • The R-D-D formula for showing character change that readers believe on the emotional level
  • 5 brainstorming techniques for generating story events that force your character to grow
  • A 6-step process for mapping out your character's growth arc
  • 4 approaches to building character arcs in series (so your character doesn't have to be a mess in book one)
  • How to craft a sentence that crystallizes your character's internal journey (and makes your story easier to write)
  • The 8 steps of a powerful character arc that draws readers in
  • The 3 moments that make the growth arc easy for readers to see
  • How to tie your character arc to other storylines, so that your character's growth becomes an integral part of the story
  • 4 brainstorming questions for identifying how the character arc will influence the events of each scene in your story

Your story's character arc is crucial for so many reasons...

It's your story's primary emotional journey.

It's the lens through which readers understand your story world. 

It's your #1 tool for getting readers to bond with your characters.

It almost always gives birth to theme, organically and effortlessly.

It adds depth and complexity to even the simplest story.

Character arc makes or breaks your story.

In How to Build Powerful Character Arcs, you'll get...

  • 3+ hours of video training, demonstrating the process so you can pause as you learn and work on your own story. Delivered in MP4 format.
  • 3+ hours of audio training, so you can absorb the concepts when you have time to listen. Delivered in MP3 format.
  • PDFs of all slides, to print for easy reference.
  • Worksheets to help you apply the techniques to your own story. Delivered in PDF.

Get Immediate Access For...

How to Build Compelling Character Arcs

If your character's failures aren't heartbreaking enough...

If your character's triumphs don't make readers want to stand up and cheer...

If you want your stories to grab readers by the hearts and never let them go...

...here's your chance to master the art of building character arcs...

...and turn your stories into unforgettable experiences that leave readers clamoring for your next book.

Best wishes,


P.S. This isn't a live training...all the course files are already posted, so you can work through them at your convenience.

You have me at your fingertips too--just drop me a line if you have any questions about how to apply the materials to your story.

Will today be the day you take control of your story's emotional journey by adding a powerful character arc?

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